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Business Transformation Coaching

Get your team to stand apart with our personalised company coaching package

Why choose Us!

Sharpen Your Business Intelligence

Business Transformation Coaching Package

Do you find your company performance dragging? Do you fear making certain decisions? Do you find that your team is not performing to it's peak? Do you struggle controlling your operations and team? Do you feel the leadership skills needed are missing?

We normally see many businesses caught up with many complexities and conflicts within their business.

2022, is poised to be filled with great opportunities for businesses who manage to be forward looking. Take up our free one hour executive session where we will reveal some loop holes your business faces and some tips and strategies for you to course correct where appropriate. It is our promise, you will walk away with huge value from this free session.

  • Clarity and Accountable

  • High Performing Executives and Management.

  • Stronger Revenues and Profits

  • Higher Market Share and Brand Positioning

Who is this for?

For Companies with a (gross) revenue of over $1 million. These include family businesses, private companies, professional firms as well as PLCs.

This is a group coaching package for your top level management team.

After Group Coaching

 If you do wish to continue, we will suggest the most value-driven service for you. One of our services includes a group monthly coaching session which is highly cost-effective adding exponential value.

Expected Outcome

Clarity top down and a fully aligned competent team.

A strong leadership pipeline with key priorities identified and leveraged.

Ability to handle any challenges with ease. Efficiencies and excellence in the smooth running of the entire business.


Our Approach

We initially arrange a free consultation to see if we are the right fit. During this session, we will give you strategies and immense value appropriate for your business circumstances.

Upon mutual agreement, we will arrange to have 7 powerful sessions which will enable the entire senior team to be fully aligned and have complete clarity as to the goals, objectives, and navigational road map.

You will also have the most impact-driven leadership skills helping you execute with confidence in everything you do.

The sessions are normally held once a week which are 60 minutes long. During this program, the entire team will be able to send concerns, questions or anything they wish to share in order to strengthen the outcome and results.

Bonuses & More

FREE Lifetime access to :

All our training programs which include:

  • Finance for Directors 
  • Business Excellence
  • Governance Edge
  • Business Fraud
  • Progression to Excellence all worth over $5000

These programs have Greenlight Status Award from the UK Trade and Investment.

FREE Financial Health check with a comprehensive report worth $2,500